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Are you ready to join us on a trip to Brazil, full of adventure? To live as a disciple of Jesus, lead by the Spirit, is an exciting life. In this new movie you will follow Torben around on a 7-day journey in Brazil. God did many amazing things which led to this touching movie that will both shake and inspire you! Watch it for free on the movie’s website.

Go to 7DaysAdventureWithGod.com

Coming events with Torben Sondergaard

30. March -
1. April 2018
7700 Thisted, DenmarkTLR Kickstartwith TLR team with Torben Details

  03/30 - 04/01with TLR team with Torben 

7700 Thisted, Denmark
TLR Kickstart

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Watch our new movie for free: watch ‘The Last Reformation’

“We love this movie. It is a lot MORE than seeing some cool miracles on the street. It is about going back to solid basics: dealing with the problem of sin and  showing people the only answer being Jesus. It is powerful because it transforms lives and people’s lives are changed…”

– Tyrin and Georgie Batty


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Join the thousands worldwide that followed this incredible training! “This school changed my life!!” – we often hear this from people who followed this school.. They encounter a joyful new life with Jesus, with healing and extraordinary leading of the Holy Spirit.

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